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Social Media in the 2nd Screen

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Second screen changes how people interact with content on TV, but second screen also changes how people interact with other people. That want, when there’s something big happening on TV, to share it with people on social networks, is a behavior pattern that proliferated along with the growth of mobile devices and spread of internet technologies. A TV viewing experience can now be shared with people all over the world, transforming the activity into an online social experience.

Photo source: Social Media Today

Photo source: Social Media Today

Sharing impressions with other second screen engaged viewers

This social media type of behavior encouraged social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to capitalize on second screen experiences. In 2013, Twitter and the National Football League (NFL) signed a deal allowing NFL to distribute related advertised and non-advertised content on Twitter to support its events. This was part of the network’s bigger revenue program, which gives television content producers and owners a chance to advertise on Twitter. Other companies who followed the trend are BBC America, CBS Corp, ESPN and The Weather Channel.

Some of the content that it’s made available on social networks includes game highlights, videos from games, industry news, promotional clips, football-related content etc. What drives engagement in these cases is people’s fascination with sports and news and entertainment, top areas of interest on both television and social media.

Engaging in social media polls on mobile applications

The concept isn’t new. For years now, networks have started to develop dedicated applications for successful TV series or shows. Users can download the apps and tap into functions that allow them to participate in social media polls, enter contests, and answer questionnaires. Fox network has an app where users can find a lot of content on shows and updates, and the app is synced to deliver its content also via social media. In addition, Glee, a television series that Fox aired, is one of the most-tweeted broadcast content. Part of the success of the show in the online was due to actors having had an active presence on Tweeter. Actors in the television drama kept users engaged by tweeting in real time, when the show aired.