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White papers
Research 2 Guidance Cross Platform Tool Benchmark – Appscend

Struggling to find the correct cross platform development tool? Research 2 Guidance’s benchmarking report may be able to help you find the tool that satisfies all your needs. In this report Appscend is benchmarked against other cross […]

How Mobile Turns Multiple Screens Into Success Stories

The mobile revolution increased that multi-tasking behavior, to where people simultaneously use a laptop, tablet or smartphone while watching TV -the first screen- and the shows they’re displaying. In the wake of the mobile revolution, second […]

Appscend Key Benefits Product Sheet

Appscend is the world’s first performance oriented mobile application platform that combines Rapid cross-platform development tools, Mobile Content Management, Smart Push Notifications, Mobile Analytics, User Demographics and In-App Purchases into one robust and scalable cloud based […]

Cloud-based Mobile Application Platform

Appscend’s software components work together to create a powerful mobile ecosystem generating additional value and unprecedented actionable insights for companies developing their mobile strategy. Our vision is to empower companies and organizations to create mobile, interactive […]

Mobile Enterprise Solutions – The State Of Enterprise Mobility

The explosive growth in sales of both tables and smartphones has conducted to a natural adoption of mobile devices inside enterprises as replacements for traditional hardware systems (PDAs, PCs and Laptops). In 2011, Deloitte estimates […]

Case studies
Romania’s Got Talent case study – How to take second screen apps to the next level

ProTV contacted Appscend with the need of a second screen app that could provide additional content to the show, augmenting the viewing experience while at the same time driving engagement and provide interactivity and reliability throughout the programme.

Mobile Applications for News Stations – TVR Info Appscend Case Study

As most media companies in 2012, TVR understood it has to embrace mobility TVR decided it should make its multimedia information available on mobile devices. TVR’s main objective was to reach the two main platforms that cover over 80% of the  […]

Mobile Learning Solutions – School 4 Startups UK Appscend Case Study

School 4 Startups courses are based on a web e-­learning platform that connects students with premium multimedia content, ranging from videos and audio file to PDFs and text files. Since entrepreneurs taking part in the S4S program are most of the […]

Mobile Apps for Publishers in the Auto Segment – Appscend Case Study

Using Appscend’s visual design studio the team from 0­‐ was able to develop and deploy a cross platform application, available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) alike in a matter of hours. The Studio provides a code-free solution that can be easily […]