Custom Mobile Development Services

Is your company looking to create an app that’s not part of our existing product lineup?

No worries, we’ve got you covered. We’re not bragging but we’ve seen and built pretty much everything. We started riding the mobile wave back in 2009 right after the App Store’s launch and since then we’ve been directly involved with over 100 mobile and cloud projects of all shapes and sizes.

We’ve constantly iterated on our process, engaged with the latest, best in class technologies and stacks to get the best results for you.

Our process and workflow:

The first phase of your project is to clearly define the app’s scope, shape and functionality. We believe in lean approaches where features are carefully chosen and tested with users instead of throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the app from day one. Our years of experience makes this step painless for you and organization.


Once we have the app structure in place the next step is sketching the design. Our dedicated UI / UX team will deliver a beautiful design with carefully selected graphics, fonts and colors – trust us, it will be so good you’ll actually want to lick it! After we agree on the final form of the design and you approve it – we’re ready to start building the app.


Successful apps are well built apps that need a high quality code base and excellent code architecture. Our tech wizards team is capable of delivering native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms that are incredible performant, fast and reliable.


Having an app launched doesn't mean that our mission has ended. In order to provide a consistent experience to your users throughout the app’s life it is important to keep the app updated for continuously OS changes while refreshing its feature set based on the data points collected from analytics. We’re committed to long term relationships so once you launch an app with us you know that you’ll never have to face mobile challenges alone.

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