App Deployment & Lifecycle Management

From deploying your app to the iOS App Store and Google Play to distributing it within your enterprise environment to updating content in real-time, Appscend makes it easy for you and your stakeholders to collaborate in a single, configurable, cloud based dashboard that you can tailor to your specific business needs.

Store Deployment and Over the Air Distribution

After your app is published, you get access to the iOS binary and Android package files. Use our desktop utility to simply sign apps using your own developer account signatures and deploy them to the App Stores. If your app was developed for in-house use Appscend’s Over the Air service will facilitate distribution inside your enterprises or closed environment. Appscend then lets you deliver the latest releases of your apps to your customers with no need to redeploy to the app store as often as you want!

Distribute apps over the air to clients, partners and stakeholders with Appscend's Over The Air mobile app distribution
Cloud mobile content management system as a backend service for multiplatform mobile applications

Cloud Mobile Content Management Panel

With our cloud based Content Management System you will be able to update your content and data on the fly and distribute information worldwide seamlessly via a global Content Delivery Network. All data stored in the CMS can be fitted to app-specific information, like images, audio streams, prices, dates or any other information. Since it’s so versatile you can easily customize and adjust it to your specific needs, matching your industry’s vertical. Plus, we handle importing any content you create and distribute such as RSS feeds, Youtube, Vimeo, Ustream, Picasa, Flickr, Soundcloud, Google Maps or Eventbrite.

Permission Based Accounts

Appscend enables you to create individual user accounts that your customers or your team can use to login to your app's backend. It's easy to assign granular module access to each user account, so your editorial team can only access the Content Management panel while your marketing team can just send Push Notifications and monitor app analytics. All of this is easily done with Appscend’s singular unified dashboard.

Permission-based accounts and account roles for your whitelabel backend as a service for mobile applications