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,,In the space age, man will be able to go around the world in two hours — one hour for flying and one hour to get to the airport”. — Neil McElroy, ‘Look,’ 1958

Let’s find out how we can reduce that hour to just a few clicks.

Push notifications have proven to be a proactive approach that can save time for the customer when he is searching for info or simply shopping around, increase brand popularity, user engagement and revenues.

The catch here is that regardless of what kind of company you are (airline, pancake house, etc.), push notifications if used correctly, can improve monetization but if you adopt a spammy strategy, it’s most likely to backfire.

Here’s the how’s and why’s of what you should always take into consideration for a successful push notification strategy:

1. Avoid decontextualization

This cannot be stressed enough : Context is the fundamental part when designing and managing push notifications. By understanding app behavior and user traits you polish and adapt your marketing strategy leading to a higher engagement and user retention. This can be done in various ways :

  • Push scheduling – send relevant info depending on location and especially time. No company endears itself to a customer if you wake him at 3:00 am because you have a 10% discount on lighter fluid. In Siberia! (you’d be surprised but that happens often enough with poor push notification management) Don’t forget about synchronizing time zones as well.
  • Geolocation and geopoints are your friends. If a customer walks by, say a two mile radius from your restaurant, you can notify him about various discounts, coupons and promotions.
  • Content relevance can also be controlled by the customer downloading an app. He can choose what to receive, provide additional data and edit the settings of the info he will acquire.

2. Don’t treat customers like push-overs 

Honestly, unlike SMS campaigns or those endless internet pop-up ads , your approach towards customers should be friendly and not intrusive and most of all : targeted.

Push alerts should never be abusive, otherwise users will probably end up not just uninstalling the app, but filing your brand in the same category with those ,,How your dog will look in five years?” pop-ups. Offer relevant, real time information that help people. Push notifications create engagement because you give them opportunities and not frustrations. Notifications are the opposite of pop-up ads, if promoted in an efficient way.

3. Relate to your customers and offer choice

Choice reinforces the value of everything. A user installs your app. Then you give him the chance to opt in or opt out in regards to push notifications. The beauty of push alerts lies in the fact that your marketing attitude connects you to the actual needs and propositions of your customers.

Besides choice, distinguish yourself by sending messages that empathize. For example ,,We wish you happy holidays.” You go beyond the perception that you’re just a company and make your customers and users feel closer to you.

So these are the building blocks of an efficient push strategy. push notificationsYour mobile push notification system should be focused on offering relevant content and customer satisfaction. This leads not only to high-margin results but also you convey greater customer appreciation that generates positive brand perception. Think about it in these terms.

Classical marketing strategies are like a soliloquy uttered in front of an unseen crowd. It’s often times distant and results vary.

Push notifications strategies are based on the idea of interactivity and dialogue . You aren’t just peddling pieces of information to your customers. You talk to them. Example :  you say ,,Hey, remember me? Well, it’s alright, just thought you should know I know a way you can save some time by the end of the day.”You offer relevant news and as such your customers respond to that. This is what push notifications are all about. Content. Relevance. Context. Any customer feels appreciation when he’s treated with respect.

Fun fact : People value a product more highly if it is physically in front of them. Have you ever tried convincing a friend to go to a pizza restaurant but the turning point in your idea was the fact that you showed him an image of a delicious pizza? Reflect on this when designing a push notification strategy.

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