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Employee recognition: just another app-step to business succession plan

Did you know that having your employees use company apps is a way to recognize their contribution to the firm? It’s not just the money that motivates workers at any level – entry or head of department – but it’s also when they see their work is valued. Employee recognition is amongst the most important […]

In-house apps and employee productivity

You’ve probably heard at least one person say „I don’t know how I ever managed without this before” pointing to some phone on the desk. So have we. The truth is, once you’ve owned a smartphone, you can never go back to a regular, simple phone. There’s just too much to benefit from to give […]

The Human Element In Video Advertising

Video advertising has come a long way since its shy emergence on our old TV sets, and it’s the clever people behind the industry, with a knack for inspiring the perfect vibes to the consumers, that made video advertising flourish and thrive. Similar to  an odyssey, video advertising’s long journey has crossed various stages of […]

Welcome to the age of prototypes!

Interaction is what gets us going in today’s society. Everything we create, read, watch and witness can and will be shared via multiple channels of interaction. Smartphones and tablets have replaced laptops and computers in terms of indispensability, the old, trusty mouse gives way to digital platforms, everything is about ease of access and fast […]

The Specifics of Mobile Video Advertising (II)

There is such a thing as the importance of knowing the audience, and the audience in this case is that of the mobile video advertising. These are tech-savy millennials, with an impressive collection of communication devices to choose from at any moment. Just like soldiers had their own weapons of choice, so do the people […]