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Hybrid Mobile Apps: The Essentials

Everyone in the field of mobile app development has heard of hybrid mobile apps, but not so many have had a good word to say about them. Why? Because hybrid apps are seen as the ugly ducklings amongst their “sisters” – the native and web apps. However, young Patrick Rudolph from Hojoki has a couple […]

2015: Mobile Marketing Trends and Effective Targeting

You might be saying “it’s only beginning of November, there’s plenty of time left to wrap up things this year” but, just before you know it, New Year’s Eve will be knocking at your door. So it’s time to get in touch with what’s hot in the mobile app industry for the year to come. […]

Key Specs For A Well Rounded App (II)

We continue our previous post with more tips on how to make your app rock! Go Intuitive! As you go along with creating your app design, make sure you always, and we mean always, keep your users in mind. When it comes to mobile and, overall, the digital environment, good UX makes all the difference […]

Key Specs For A Well Rounded App I

Today’s cyberspace is overcrowded with some brilliant apps that go instantly viral, while a great number of apps never quite seem to last the day. You might think it’s mostly because those apps just don’t offer anything worth spending time on. Most of these bulk apps are, indeed, products of little creativity and large ambition, […]

Variety’s Digital Audience Rating or Social TV’s All-New Quantifier

Fresh news right from Variety Magazine’s oven! The well-known digital publication partnered up with ListenFirstMedia in order to deliver to the world an interesting and useful new product, in the shape of “a syndicated rating system for fan engagement with television and film”. The results of this index are displayed, on a weekly basis, in […]