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How Are Social TV and the Second Screen Apps Shaping Children Entertainment Programs

Check you out, Disney Twitter account! If you’ve never peeked into Disney’s world of twittering, be sure to do so. It’ll give you some idea on how social TV and second screen applications can shape programs for children. Most people would probably find it hard to believe that social TV can have a positive impact […]

Brands and Social TV: A Happily Ever-After Story?

Social TV has somewhat dethroned traditional television viewing, and according to Nielsen, 84% of U.S. smartphone and tablet owners today watch television with a second screen in hand. It’s funny (or not) but brands today have to be more than just brands, more than just inanimate names that represent and offer products or services to […]

What Is a White-Labeled Social TV Platform and How Can You Make Use of One?

A white-labeled social TV platform is a modern day solution that enables media service providers to incorporate branded social TV applications in the form of real-time games, contests, polls etc. for any type of content: reality TV, live sporting events, TV shows etc. And although these app experiences are branded by a particular name in […]

Everything You Need to Know about Multiscreening and Second Screen Usage

The Changing TV Experience: Attitudes and Usage Across Multiple Screens by IAB came out April this year. The research was conducted between January 19-21, among 18 or older adults, and “wanted to benchmark device ownership and usage and to understand how device behaviors and perceptions are affecting or altering the TV viewing experience.” This article […]

The Benefits of Social TV Measurements

Measuring television success with social analytics can be a complex process. A show that is extremely popular and is ranked high by viewers could generate less of a buzz on social media while lower-ranked shows are talked about all over the platforms. So everything isn’t always as transparent as one would want. Measuring the efficiency […]