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More On Online Video Advertising – In-Banner Ads (II)

In the eyes of marketers (follow up) Recent online video advertising studies have shown that certain features which define the in-banner ads can make them more or less effective, respectively, more or less annoying in the eyes of the viewers. We are talking about autoplay. Just like in the case of in-stream non-skippable videos which […]

More On Online Video Advertising – In-Banner Ads (I)

People taking up the matter of online video advertising for the first time usually try to understand which format is better and in what context so as to make the right choices when the time comes and they have to advertise their brand. However, in their long years of practice, marketers have discovered that there […]

In-Banner Video Ads in Online Video Advertising

There are various forms of online video advertising which Internet viewers could come across while browsing through their favorite online videos. In the eyes of viewers, they range from the least to the most intrusive. Therefore, in order to promote a brand over online content, marketers can call on in-stream ads or in-banner ads. The latter have […]

What Is Mobile Video Advertising – Guide for Marketers and Advertisers

People in the advertising line of business have been using mobile video advertising as a very useful tool for promoting products and services and there has been a lot of talk about it and its evolution for the years to come. This is a form of advertising which has made its way in the top of […]

Using Pre, Mid and Post-Roll Ads In Online Video Advertising

As an Adobe online video advertising study has already shown, post-roll ads have the lowest completion rate while mid-roll and pre-roll ads have better results. Even so, all three can be used with success in advertising campaigns, depending on how well specialists manage to use the existing information on them. What types of campaigns go […]