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Why multiscreening makes it worthwhile

In the United States, there are about 290 million people watching traditional TV on a daily basis, according to Nielsen, and each American consumes on average 35 hours of TV media every week. In addition, there are approximately 150 other million people who watch TV, but do so online. How many in the former category […]

Optimize mobile applications to boost engagement with users

Google someone who has just run a marathon and you’ll find them posting content on the web. When people at a dinner party get bored, what do they do? They go online for entertainment. And you need to be there for them because, if you’re not, somebody else will. If there’s one thing that people […]

Mobile apps and the highly relevant factor of analytics

If there has ever been such a thing as a perfect application, it’s because the design and the functionality of that particular application had a lot to do with actual statistics and data, most likely. That’s right. One of the secrets to creating a powerful app is implementing data-driven decisions. And considering the speed at […]

Employee recognition: just another app-step to business succession plan

Did you know that having your employees use company apps is a way to recognize their contribution to the firm? It’s not just the money that motivates workers at any level – entry or head of department – but it’s also when they see their work is valued. Employee recognition is amongst the most important […]

In-house apps and employee productivity

You’ve probably heard at least one person say „I don’t know how I ever managed without this before” pointing to some phone on the desk. So have we. The truth is, once you’ve owned a smartphone, you can never go back to a regular, simple phone. There’s just too much to benefit from to give […]