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Our pick: Two of the most successful app marketing campaigns of our time

Convincing customers is tricky business. Getting their attention is hard enough too. But to keep them on their toes, engaged and interested in such a fluctuating market? Is that really possible? If you take a look at some of the greatest app marketing campaigns of our time, you’ll see that it is. It is possible. […]

Where We’re Heading: Mobile Health in the Future

The wave of mobile health (mHealth) has definitely been ridden by many in the past years. At least in terms of developers designing and building mobile-health applications. The numbers speak for themselves: 40.000 health and medicine related applications in App store alone. 43.689 (in July 2013), to be more exact, according to the IMS Institute […]

Second Screen and Social Media

The European market may be mildly interested in second screen media, but the American public is surely hooked, which means that soon enough everyone will be (yes, including Europe). Statistics show that 84% of American users of handheld devices are enjoying all sorts of second screen apps while watching TV. And that’s no wonder if […]

What You Really Need To Know About Play-Along Apps

The global pool of second screen apps comprises so many “means of play” for grown ups, that lately its focus began shifting towards children. While we enjoy getting away with an interactive game or a juicy second screen app that covers our favourite TV show that we can kill commercial breaks with, when it comes to children…let’s […]

What not to do if you want to give users awesome experiences with your mobile apps

Ask yourself this: Is your marketing strategy fully responsive? Is it easy for users to connect with your brand/product/service from their devices? Having to choose for your enterprise mobile strategy between responsive web design and mobile apps must surely make things a whole of a lot more difficult. What’s important is that you don’t make mobile […]