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Mobile video advertising vs. desktop video advertising – the battle of the decade

Given the small size of a phone screen compared to a considerably bigger desktop display, marketers have for long ignored the major opportunities offered by mobile video advertising. Due to the common belief that people prefer to watch a video that requires a viewer’s focus for a long period of time on a big screen, […]

An Online Video Advertising Choice: Pre, Mid or Post-Rolls

With the introduction of adverts in the online, marketers have the task of juggling between the available online video advertising formats. Depending on the type of campaign advertisers have in mind, they can choose between pre, mid or post roll ads. To avoid doing this by ear they can follow the studies conducted on exactly […]

Second Screen Apps Can Change the Way We Watch TV Games

Live TV shows are always more exciting for the audience at home than those filmed according to the script. There is something about the element of surprise and the unexpected situations that the TV crews cannot handle right away that keeps people pinned in front of the screen. In a way, we could even say […]

An Online Video Advertising Success: Viewer Engagement from Mid-Rolls

It has already been proven, despite popular belief, that the format of online video advertising with the biggest completion rates and consumer engagement is the mid-roll. Yes, you heard right! That very format which is the most intrusive of all. It is the one most websites do not allow users to skip ahead on and […]

What Are the Key Challenges of Moving to the Second Screen Platform?

The whole second screen apps frenzy is still spreading and more and more people are becoming enticed by the idea of being able to connect to the TV content with the help of other digital devices such as the smartphone and the tablet. This is especially the case since the price of such devices has […]