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Social Media in the 2nd Screen

Second screen changes how people interact with content on TV, but second screen also changes how people interact with other people. That want, when there’s something big happening on TV, to share it with people on social networks, is a behavior pattern that proliferated along with the growth of mobile devices and spread of internet […]

Second Screen Devices as Electronic and Interactive Program Guides

Second screen has only just begun to exhibit its tremendous potential. The extent at which it facilitates viewers’ transition to an active engagement with (not only) television is nowadays further indicated by the use of second screen technology as electronic and interactive program guides (EPGs/IPGs). The term “IPG” is sometimes used to describe a more […]

2nd Screen as First

There is future for television. That future is interconnected with second screen use and the drive for a more active, and more personal viewing experience. According to TNS, 41% of internet users worldwide will also be involved in other activities while watching TV: 7% will be shopping. 11% will be engaged in social and communication […]

Real time marketing on the second screen

A marketing strategy set in the now A marketing strategy that is developed according to current customer trends and facts in the present moment makes up real-time marketing (RTM). Real-time marketing goes beyond single channels marketing. The whole concept behind it is personalization of content across channels to connect customers with products and services of […]

Social TV as Second Screen Implementation

The Germany – Argentina match at the World Cup finals in 2014 kept people everywhere in the world glued to their seats. The match was relevant to a lot of people not just because Germany won but because of two other reasons too. First, TV viewership in the U.S reached a higher than expected peak […]