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Mobile Visual Analytics – Your Sidekick Against Bounce Rates (II)

In our previous post we’ve mentioned two ways in which you can avoid bounce rates by means of mobile visual analytics. Here are a couple more that can get your users consistently engaged with your app’s features and provide a genuine onboarding experience. Give The Best First Impression Following the principle we’ve already stipulated – […]

Mobile Visual Analytics – Your Sidekick Against Bounce Rates (I)

Great ideas are born out of nothing, and so do genius apps! You might have the most exciting app yet, but, as you know, it’s the little things that really count in keeping it out on the market and not hopelessly witnessing another one-hit-wonder going to waste.  Onboarding is the keyword in this equation. It […]

Apps For Your Everyday Routine – By Mobile Igniter

We can all agree that nowadays we’ve come to depend more on our smartphones than on our good ol’ laptops or PCs. Which is why mobile apps have become even more useful in our everyday routine. Just like we used to depend on maps, books and how-to manuals in the past, nowadays we’ve got it […]

Mobile Ad Monetisation Patterns That Work

Curious to find out how much the mobile ad market was worth this year? How does $31.5 billion sound? As ridiculously high as you may think it is, this is how much money we’re actually talking about, thus explaining the overwhelming number of mobile app companies that seem to have popped out of nowhere. 2014 […]

Make Your App Rock With Flat Design

We’re close to saying “goodbye” to 2014 and, as the end of another year of outstanding digital development is fast approaching, we’ve coined some of the biggest trends this year has brought to light. In terms of design, flat is, by far, 2014’s prodigy. Why Go Flat?   Not only “Flat is Where It’s At”, […]