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Popular Second Screen Apps

Popular Second Screen Apps Advertisers and app developers have been raving about the potential of second screen apps to improve both the marketing sector as well as the TV-viewing experience itself. In theory, a lot of good things can be said about the opportunities opened up by designing cool second screen apps for TV-viewers to use, but […]

How Second Screen Platforms Can Change TV Entertainment as We Know It

Multi-Tasking and the Second Screen Phenomenon Let’s talk about multi-tasking. People, especially younger individuals born in the digital era, have the tendency to reach out at least once for their tablets and smartphones while watching TV. Needless to say, we all know that “trivia urge” some shows trigger in our TV engaged souls. We also instantaneously realize […]

How Gamification Could Give TV-Viewers the Best Second Screen Experience Ever

What Is Gamification? First of all, we need to understand what gamification stands for in the second screen marketing strategy. In a nutshell, to gamify TV-content means to apply gaming theory concepts into the way you guide your second screen user to interact with the content that’s being aired on TV. The crucial part is live viewer-participation in the show […]

What about Second Screen Apps?

High Hopes for the New Second Screen App Development Strategy Since last year, marketers around the globe have been putting their hopes up high in the new second screen strategy, which seems to suggest that a rethinking of promoting content in both the online and TV environment is knocking at our door. IPG Media Lab’s last-year report, “The Second […]

What Is Second Screen Marketing?

The New Second Screen Marketing Strategy Still haven’t heard of second screen marketing? If you’re thinking of ways to promote your business, you should know that marketers and developers alike have been raving about the possibilities the second screen marketing strategy presupposes for the promoting sector. A quick research session online will prove that enthusiasm around the […]