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Online Video Advertising Success: In-Banner Interactivity (II)

  (Follow up) 3. DYNAMIC VISUALS Most likely, the Internet user coming across your item of online video advertising has just sat down in the subway, at a coffee shop, on the bench in the park, trying to watch a video. Whatever you have to say to him/her is not more important than whatever they […]

Online Video Advertising Success: In-Banner Interactivity (I)

When it comes to any online video advertising format, the first order of business consists of how effective it is in sending the message of the marketer. Years of experience have shown us that it is the interactive feature of any format that leads to revenues. And this is an aspect no company should overlook […]

More On Online Video Advertising – In-Banner Ads (II)

In the eyes of marketers (follow up) Recent online video advertising studies have shown that certain features which define the in-banner ads can make them more or less effective, respectively, more or less annoying in the eyes of the viewers. We are talking about autoplay. Just like in the case of in-stream non-skippable videos which […]

More On Online Video Advertising – In-Banner Ads (I)

People taking up the matter of online video advertising for the first time usually try to understand which format is better and in what context so as to make the right choices when the time comes and they have to advertise their brand. However, in their long years of practice, marketers have discovered that there […]

In-Banner Video Ads in Online Video Advertising

There are various forms of online video advertising which Internet viewers could come across while browsing through their favorite online videos. In the eyes of viewers, they range from the least to the most intrusive. Therefore, in order to promote a brand over online content, marketers can call on in-stream ads or in-banner ads. The latter have […]