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The Age of Mobile Has Reached New Heights In Romania: 2014 Stats

If there’s one thing that Internet users have learned to love in the past couple of years it’s the magic of mobile devices. The digital marketing agency Today’s has recently performed an analysis over mobile devices and digital gadgets and their deployment on the Romanian market, and this is what they’ve revealed to the public […]

Optimize Your Video Ad Strategy Following Google’s Viewability Reporting System

This Tuesday, Google’s PR reps have made an encouraging statement for the year that has barely begun: they are in the process of releasing a new reporting feature that will help everyone concerned understand better, with facts and percentages, how much of their video ads are actually “seen”, as imposed by the Media Ratings Council’s […]

Throwback 2014: A Look At One Of The Most Successful Second Screen Campaigns

2014 was a wonderfully prosperous year, yet nothing quite matched Heineken’s second screen campaign developed around the UEFA Champion’s League event. It was the cynosure for everyone in the business and this is why we vote it 2014’s most glorifying second screen moment.   Heineken’s campaign proudly wore the name Share The Sofa and it […]

Mobile Visual Analytics – Your Sidekick Against Bounce Rates (II)

In our previous post we’ve mentioned two ways in which you can avoid bounce rates by means of mobile visual analytics. Here are a couple more that can get your users consistently engaged with your app’s features and provide a genuine onboarding experience. Give The Best First Impression Following the principle we’ve already stipulated – […]

Mobile Visual Analytics – Your Sidekick Against Bounce Rates (I)

Great ideas are born out of nothing, and so do genius apps! You might have the most exciting app yet, but, as you know, it’s the little things that really count in keeping it out on the market and not hopelessly witnessing another one-hit-wonder going to waste.  Onboarding is the keyword in this equation. It […]